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Meet the Architect

Caroline Reu Rolader, AIA


Raised on the Coast of Georgia, Caroline was exposed to architecture from a very young age.  Her father worked as a General Contractor and would frequently bring Caroline to job sites to show her the work that he completed on high end homes in Sea Island, Georgia.  She loved to interact with the craftsman on site, asking numerous questions about how things fit together.  She was exposed to the design process and this interaction with the architects on the job was an instrumental influence on Caroline's love, and eventual profession, of architecture.

Caroline received her Bachelor in History & Fine Arts from Sweet Briar College in Virginia.  She developed her interest in architecture by studying abroad in London, and traveling to the Far East for design inspiration. While in school, she had a design professor that recommended that she continue her studies in Architecture upon finishing college.  She could see an eye for proportion and scale and a passion for the subject.  


After completing her degree, Caroline found a diverse Architectural Graduate Program at Georgia Institute of Technology that fit the criteria of her unique background knowledge.  Having a different experience in her undergraduate studies gave Caroline a unique approach to her graduate program bringing a  process-driven work ethic, and a breadth of exposure to different aesthetics. 

Travel and constant love of learning have been priorities throughout Caroline's career.  With extensive travel in Europe, South America and the United States,Caroline is constantly bringing inspiration back to add to the depth of design for her projects.


Caroline founded REU Architects in 2008, and her projects are located in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, and California.

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